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Legislation - The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act of 1953 as Amended 2000

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act specifies regulatory authority and requirements for exploration and development of oil and gas resources on the Outer Continental Shelf.

Download a complete copy (pdf, 235kb) of the OCSL or browse the individual sections below.


Sec. 2. Definitions. - When used in this Act.
Sec. 3. National Policy For the Outer Continental Shelf.
Sec. 4. Laws Applicable to Outer Continental Shelf
Sec. 5. Administration of Leasing of the Outer Continental Shelf.
Sec. 6. Maintenance of Leases on Outer Continental
Sec. 7. Controversy Over Jurisdiction.
Sec. 8. Leasing of Outer Continental Shelf
Sec. 9. Disposition of Revenues
Sec. 10. Repealed by Section 8(b) of p.l. 104-185, 110 stat. 1717-
Sec. 11. Geological and geophysical Explorations
Sec. 12. Reservations.
Sec. 13. Naval Petroleum Reserve Executive Order Repealed.
Sec. 14. Prior Claims Not Affected
Sec. 15. [repealed.]à
Sec. 16. Appropriations.
Sec. 17. Separability.
Sec. 18. Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program.
Sec. 19. Coordination and Consultation with Affected States and Local Governments.
Sec. 20. Environmental Study
Sec. 21. Safety Regulations
Sec. 22. Enforcement
Sec. 23. Citizen Suits, Court Jurisdiction, and Judicial Review.
Sec. 24. Remedies and Penalties
Sec. 25. Oil and Gas Development and Production.
Sec. 26. Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Information Program.
Sec. 27. Federal Purchase and Disposition of Oil and Gas.
Sec. 28. Limitation on Export.
Sec. 29. Restrictions on Employment.
Sec. 30. Documentation, Registry, and Manning Requirements.
Sec. 31. Coastal Impact Assistance



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