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Commission Report on 2009 Federal Funding Survey

The Marine Mammal Commission report on 2009 Federally Funded Survey

The Marine Mammal Commission has published the report on its Survey of Federally Funded Marine Mammal Research and Conservation for fiscal year 2009 (pdf, 4.3 MB). The Marine Mammal Protection Act created the Marine Mammal Commission and directed it to undertake a continuing review of "research programs conducted or proposed to be conducted under the authority of the Act." In 2010 the Commission redesigned the survey to assess marine mammal research and conservation activities conducted or supported by federal agencies. The survey asked agencies to describe their fiscal year 2009 marine mammal-related projects, as well as information on the nature of the projects, the species and areas studied, the threats and issues addressed, and the funding obligated. The report provides details of the 445 projects and 125 million dollars in funding reported by 16 federal agencies, and summarizes funding by agency, office within agency, focal species and their conservation status, and research/conservation objective. The results of the Survey are a valuable resource for federal agencies as they plan their research and management strategies, work to avoid duplication of effort, and strive to identify opportunities for partnering and sharing data with other agencies. The Survey provides a basis for a more cost-effective and coherent national strategy for studying and conserving marine mammals, and the ecosystems upon which they depend.





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