Marine Mammal Commission

50th Anniversary Video Testimonials

In celebrating 50 years since the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) was enacted, we asked leaders in the field of marine mammal science to reflect on the successes of the past and identify future priorities to ensure marine mammals and their environment thrive. The MMPA is a monumental and landmark piece of wildlife conservation legislation that laid the groundwork for numerous environmental laws that followed. Below are the videos that have been submitted by our partners. Thank you for 50 years of marine mammal science, protection, and conservation! Here’s to continuing our conservation efforts for future generations…


Daryl Boness – Commissioner of the Marine Mammal Commission


Douglas Wartzok – Professor Emeritus at Florida International University


Samantha Strindberg – Conservation Scientist at Wildlife Conservation Society


Sarah Sharp – Animal Rescue Veterinarian at the International Fund for Animal Welfare


Brandon Southall – President and Senior Scientist at Southall Environmental Associates (SEA) Inc.


Jeff Boehm – Chief External Relations Officer at The Marine Mammal Center