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2018 Grant Awards

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Projects Funded by the Marine Mammal Commission in Fiscal Year 2018

Topic A: Research/Projects – Focal Area: Community-Driven Conservation Approaches to Address Threats to Marine Mammals

Low-cost solutions to cetacean bycatch in small scale fisheries and potential fisher-level barriers to implementation

Berggren, P.

Newcastle University

Bycatch in gillnet fisheries is considered the most significant threat globally for cetaceans, yet there are many challenges presented by potential mitigation measures (i.e. cost, reduction of target species catch, etc.). This project will begin to address these challenges by testing the effectiveness of two novel low-cost mitigation methods in Peru and Argentina, while concurrently carrying out fisher-level workshops to identify barriers to mitigation strategies.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Protected Areas for Mediterranean Monk Seal Juveniles Protection

Fernández de Larrinoa, P.

Fundación CBD-Habitat

The endangered Mediterranean monk seal population of the Cabo Blanco peninsula has seen signs of recovery due to established protection measures, which are up for renewal in 2019. This project will utilize GPS-tagged juveniles to inform an information gap essential to the renewal of No Fishing areas, a conservation measure that protects monk seal critical habitat.

Developing solutions to the critical threat of bycatch in illegal fisheries for Caspian seals (Pusa caspica)

Goodman, S.

University of Leeds

Bycatch in illegal, unmanaged, and undocumented (IUU) fisheries is poorly understood. This study uses combined ecological and social science approaches to determine the magnitude, drivers, links to illegal wildlife trade, and mitigation opportunities in relation to the bycatch of Caspian seals (Pusa caspica) from illegal sturgeon fisheries and poaching in the Russian area of the Caspian Sea.

Topic B: Conferences, Symposia, Workshops, Meetings, and Publications – Focal Area: Community-Driven Conservation Approaches to Address Threats to Marine Mammals

Community Action to Protect Southern Resident Killer Whales in the San Juan Islands, Washington

Robertson, F.

San Juan County

Within the core habitat for the endangered Southern Resident killer whales (SRKW), the presence of vessels impacts the whales’s ability to navigate, detect prey, and communicate. This study aims to significantly increase boater compliance with existing vessel regulations and guidelines through community outreach efforts and compliance assessments.

Reducing Whale Strikes through Industry Engagement

Wilson, R. & Carver, M.

Greater Farallones Association

Vessel Speed Reductions (VSR) efforts have demonstrated to be successful as a mitigation measure to reduce the risk of lethal ship strikes to endangered whales in California waters.  This project will work to improve compliance with VSR zones during periods of peak whale abundance in four national marine sanctuaries through industry engagement, collaboration with key partners, and evaluation of project effectiveness.