Marine Mammal Commission

Gulf of Mexico Marine Mammal Research and Monitoring Meeting – Summary and Presentations

April 7-8, 2015

New Orleans, Louisiana

Meeting summary report

Full meeting program and project descriptions

Welcome and Introductions

Overview of Marine Mammal Stocks and Human Activities

Current Research and Monitoring Programs

I. Abundance, Distribution, and Stock Structure

II. Health, Strandings, and Life History

III. Understanding Effects of Human Activities

Priority Information Needs and Knowledge Gaps – Recent Assessments

Evening Poster/Social Session

Data Sharing as a Mechanism for Collaboration and Capacity Building

Developing a Monitoring Framework for the Gulf

Funding Opportunities in the Gulf

Additional Resources and Information

Environmental Law Institute

NOAA Restoration Center 

RESTORE Act Ecosystem Restoration Council  

RESTORE Act Science Program

RESTORE Act Centers of Excellence

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GOMRI)

Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund

Gulf Research Program

BOEM Environmental Studies Program

Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Program