Marine Mammal Commission

2015 Annual Meeting

May 5-7, 2015: Charleston, South Carolina

Full meeting agenda

Opening Remarks – Ocean and Coastal Issues Impacting Marine Mammals and their Environment in the Carolinas and the Broader Atlantic Region

Session summary

Marine Mammal Health in the Southeast – A Spotlight on the Specialties and Integrated Research Approach in this Region

Session summary

NMFS Office of Protected Resources Strategic Plan

  • Overview of (1) the NMFS Office of Protected Resources 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and its four themes; and (2) vision for the Manage for Climate Change theme and the Improve External Collaboration theme (Donna Wieting)
  • Vision for the Recover and Conserve Priority Species theme (Sam Rauch)
  • Vision for and examples of initiatives under the Maximize Our Effectiveness theme (Nicole LeBoeuf)

Reducing Mortality and Injury of North Atlantic Right Whales from Ship Strikes and Entanglement in Fishing Gear

Session summary

A) Biological Status of North Atlantic Right Whales and Research Activities

B) Critical Habitat and Ship Strikes

North Atlantic Right Whale Fisheries Interactions

Offshore Energy – New Developments in Wind Energy Development, Oil and Gas Leasing, and Exploration on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf

Session summary

A) Wind Energy Panel: Status of Development and Baseline Data Collection on Atlantic OCS

B) Oil and Gas Panel: 2017-2022 Draft Program Plan and Proposed Seismic Surveys on Atlantic OCS

Economics of Offshore Energy Development

Management and Conservation of Florida Manatees

Session summary

Human Interactions with Marine Mammals

Session summary

Marine Mammal and Fisheries Interactions – A Review of Take Reduction Teams in the Atlantic

Session summary

Panel on Vaquita – Update, Commission’s Role, Path Forward

Session summary